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Demon King Screaming Falchion Foam LARP Cleaver Training Sword

In Stock
Price: $5.84 

  • Made Of Polyurethane Foam With A PVC Inner Core
  • Hand Painted Antiqued Weathered Look
  • Handle Resembles Golden Leather Wrapped Bone
  • Hand Painted With An Antiqued Weathered Look
  • Overall Length Is 25 Inches
Constructed from high quality Polyurethane foam with a PVC inner core this piece has been hand painted. Hand painted with an antiqued weather look to simulate years of loyal service you will not be disappointed. The blade is shaped for a fierce and rugged look with cracks and fissures in the blade. The handle is made to look like a golden leather wrapped bone with the blade protruding out of a demon's skull. Weight 11 oz. Overall Length 25 inches. Please note that due to the material of this item minor pit or holes will be visible and paint may be smudged.

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