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All Natural Hand Polished Cow Horn Carved Custom Engraved Design Shoehorn

In Stock
Price: $9.54 

  • Overall Length Is 7 - 9 Inches
  • 100% Natural Item
  • Piece Has A Smooth Polished Finish
  • Beautiful Engraved Abstract Line Design
  • Each Piece Is Unique!
Traditionally shoehorns where made of animal horn just like the Handmade Engraved Cow Horn Shoe Horn. This piece has an engraved abstract lines design on the back and a smooth polished finish on the front. Overall length is 7 to 9 inches. Please note that there may be natural imperfections in the horn. Buff marks may appear on the surface and the color of the horn may not be exactly like the coloration pictured. Please remember that this is an all-natural piece and each one is unique. There will be no two that are exactly the same.

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