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Rhino Armor Gladiator Steel Functional Helmet

In Stock
Price: $58.55 

  • 18 Gage Carbon Steel
  • Rhino Spike And Aggressive Squared Contours
  • Leather Suspension Lining For Comfortable Fit
  • Adjustable Leather Chin Strap
  • Powerful Appearance - Great Display & Costuming
18 gage carbon steel makes this functional Gladiator helmet strong and durable. The top of the helmet has a steel plume reminiscent of the classic helmets worn in the arena. The front of the helm has a functional basinet used to protect the face. Leather lines the inside with a smart adjustable suspension for a natural, comfortable fit. The leather chin strap can be adjusted to fit all sizes. The Rhino spike and aggressive squared contours of this helmet improve the structural support. The classic design provides a powerful appearance and makes this helmet appealing for display.

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