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Roman Gladius Legion Gladiator Historic Sword

In Stock
Price: $58.39 

  • 22” Carbon Steel Blade
  • Madagascar Hardwood Handle
  • Wooden Scabbard With Black Leather
  • High Polished, Highly Detailed Hardware
  • Measures 29 1/2" Overa;;
The Roman Gladius's short, stiff blade is good for breaking a spear and for intense forward stabbing thrusts. The 22” carbon steel blade has a Rockwell hardness of 45-55 RC and has been forged from hand selected materials. The base of the blade is about 2 inches wide and it thins to 1.9 inches in the middle, expanding out to 2.1 inches again before reaching the tapered point. A central ridge runs the full length of the blade, increasing its rigidity. This item comes with a wooden scabbard with black leather. Measures 29 1/2” overall not sharpened. Madagascar hardwood.

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