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Medieval Jousting Knight Body Armor

In Stock
Price: $102.75 

  • 18 Gage Steel Construction
  • Comfortable Leather Straps For Adjusted Fit
  • Thigh/Skirt Pieces Measures 11 1/2" Long
  • Tough Leather Straps Held With Metal Rivets
  • For Reenactment, Costuming, And Swordplay
Each piece of this armor has been made of 18 gage steel. The sections are suspended by comfortable leather straps that can adjust to fit any size shoulder. The straps at the side adjust to fit any width. Each cuirass side is sectioned into two protective layers, linked together with thick leather straps and steel rivets. The sectional portions hang below the cuirass, and are also known as the skirt. They measure 11 1/2 inches long and protect the thighs and groin. Each is fixed with a tough leather strap. The skirt has contours that absorb and deflect impact. Steel rivets and 18 gage steel make this quality set a fine historical piece for reenactment, costuming, and swordplay.

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